About the Owner

Prestige Custom Pools was founded by Tim Clark. He wanted to offer a quality product to everyone who had dreamed of owning their own swimming pool, regardless of their budget. Many companies would sacrifice functionality to fit a cutomer's budget rather than explaining the options and letting a customer choose what was important to them. Not everyone can afford all the bells and whistles and that is why Tim is determined to provide every customer with options so that they can make their dream of owning a pool come true.

Tim Clark has been a respected member of the swimming pool industry for over twelve years and has a unique understanding and education on all aspects of construction, operation, and design. In his years in this community he has served on the local board of the national trade organization APSP (Association of Pool and Spa Professionals) and recently was one of the few industry leaders that have been meeting with SAWS (San Antonio Water System) conservation department to help redesign pool construction to have less of an impact on our aquifer levels.

In these last few years, Tim Clark has managed the construction of hundreds of custom swimming pools including those of Senators, celebrities, professional athletes, and maybe your own neighbor. He will personally strive to make sure everything you have dreamed your backyard could be will become a reality for you and your family.

Prestige Custom Pools

P.O. Box 781832
San Antonio, TX 78278
Phone:  (210) 479-7665
Email:  tim@prestigecustompools.com